On June 21, 2019, at a meeting hall on the 4th floor, Viwaseen Tower – No. 48 To Huu, Trung Van, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam Water and Environment Investment Corporation – JSC took place the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2019.

Attending the Meeting were Mr. Nguyen Phuc Huong – Deputy Director of Department of Enterprise Management, Mr. Le Dong Thanh – Deputy Director of Planning – Finance Department, Ministry of Construction and officials under the Ministry. On the Corporation’s side, there were Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cuong – Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Ngo Van Dzung – Member of the BOD, General Director and 71 shareholders who own and represent for 57,548,800 shares equivalent to 99.19% of the total voting shares.

At the Meeting, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ngo Van Dung – Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of the Corporation presented the report on the results of production, business and development investment in 2018, period 2014 – 2018 and plan for 2019 and the period of 2019 – 2023; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cuong – Chairman of the Board of Directors presented the report on the Board’s activities and the evaluation and supervision to the Board of Managers in 2018, the term of 2014-2019 and directions and tasks for the term of 2019-2024; Ms. Bui Khanh Linh – Head of Supervisory Board presented the report of the Supervisory Board; the shareholders were listened and voted for statements on: audited financial statements 2018; profit distribution 2018; settlement of operating expenses, remuneration of the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board 2018 and cost estimates 2019; selecting an auditor to audit the financial statements 2019.

The General Meeting of Shareholders elected the members of the Board of Directors, Members of the Supervisory Board for the term 2019 – 2024. Accordingly, the Shareholders elected the Board of Directors including Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Mr. Ngo Van Dzung, Mr. Le Minh Duc, Mr. Nguyen. Duc Bon and Mr. Nguyen Huu Hanh; Supervisory Board includes: Ms. Bui Khanh Linh, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Kien and Mr. Bui Viet Trung.