All the staffs and employees of Vietnam Water and Environment Investment Corporation – VIWASEEN are aware that our products – water supply, sewerage and environment works – contribute to enhancement of environment, improvement of community’s living quality and promotion of country’s socio-economic development.

Therefore, Vietnam Water and Environment Investment Corporation (VIWASEEN) commits:

It is our highest responsibility to provide high quality products and services with reasonable costs, satisfying the demands of the customers and markets. Quality of products is the prestige and brandname of VIWASEEN. It also contributes as a prerequisite condition to the existence and sustainable development of VIWASEEN.

VIWASEEN Corporation has been applying and continuously innovating the Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008 standards in managing and directing business activities, constantly renewing technology, improving quality of products and services with the targets of “Quality – Progress – Effectiveness” to satisfy customers’ demands.

Ngo Van Dzung

General Director