Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement among the Corporation, the Integrity Authority and the World Bank:

Pursuant to the Gift Policy in the Compliance Program,

The General Director, Head of Steering Board of the Program requires leaders to implement the contents of the Gift Policy as follows:

– Propagating and seriously implementing the contents and provisions of the Gift Policy to all leaders, officers and employees of the unit.

– Gather information about giving and receiving gifts of the Company / units and leaders of the Company / units, including: gifts received from leaders of units (from heads, deputy heads of departments to leaders Company / unit) and company / unit gifts to special partners during holidays, New Year.

Documents recording the information of giving and receiving gifts must be kept at the Unit. This is one of the documents proving the implementation of compliance content and records for the World Bank inspection after completing the contents of the Compliance Program at the Corporation.

During the implementation process, if any problems arise, please contact Mr. Vu Thanh Cong – Compliance Director, Head of Legal Department of the Corporation for explanation.