Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement between the Corporation and the Integrity Vice Presidency, World Bank;

Pursuant to Article 4 of Resolution No.71a/NQ-HĐQT dated March 13, 2020 of the Board of Directors on  implementation of the following-up contents of the Compliance Program;

Pursuant to Decision No. 83/QD-HĐQT dated April 9, 2020 of the Board of Directors on  merging of the Steering Committee for anti-corruption, thrift practice and waste combat into Corporate Compliance Program Steering Committee;

The Corporation announces the selection and appointment of personnel in charge of the Integrity Compliance Program (hereinafter referred to as “Integrity Compliance Person“) at the member companies as follows::

1. Role of the Integrity Compliance Person at member companies

Integrity Compliance Person in companies, branches, and executive boards will be the focal point for directl implementation of activities under the Integrity Compliance Program at the companies, complying with the direction from the Program Steering Committee of the Corporation, coordinating with the Corporation’s Integrity Director to ensure the development and implementation of the Program in the companies.

Integrity Person has the right and responsibility to inform and promptly give feedback on implementation of the Compliance Program at the companies and all the violations, if any to the Program Steering Board of the Corporation.

2. Criteria to select personnel in charge of Compliance Program

Integrity Person at the companiess must ensure some of the following criteria:

– Be a key officer of the company, having knowledge on legal provisions, internal regulations of the company and its employees.

– Be able to communicate, have dialogue and resolve questions, concerns reported in relation with the operation of the companies and the Compliance Program.

– Be trusted, liable by the leaders and employees of the Companies;

– Not being one of the following subjects: Director; Chief Accountant or in charge of Accounting; Team Leader; in direct charge of contracts negotiation, signing or proposing to sign contracts with the third parties.

In order to have the Compliance Program performed synchronously throughout the Corporation, the Representative of the Corporation’s capital contribution at the member companies, Directors of member companies and Directors of Branches, Executive Boards of the Corporation are required to select, appoint personnel in charge of Integrity Compliance Program at the companies and report thereof in the attached form to be submitted to the Corporation before July 15, 2020.