On August 7, the Communist Party of Vietnam Water and Environment Investment Corporation (Viwaseen) held the fourth party congress, for the term of 2020-2025.

Attending were members of Ha Noi City Standing Communist Party Committee: Hoang Trong Quyet – Head of the Inspection Committee, Nguyen Quoc Hung – Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi People’s Committee. From the Ministry of Construction, there was Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh – Member of MOC Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Construction.  Attending the Congress were representatives of departments, branches and 89 delegates, representing 346 party members in 18 Party Committees directly under the Party Committee of the Corporation.

Mr. Hoang Trong Quyet had a speech at the congress.

Mr. Ngo Van Dung, Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of the Corporation presented the political report of the Party Committee, the 2015-2020 term is the first phase that the unit operates as a joint stock company. The Party Committee of the Corporation focused on leading the Party Committee to strictly implement the undertakings and policies on economic development of the central government and the Hanoi City Party Committee; direct the Party committees at all levels to actively build programs and reform leadership modes. In particular, to focus on well implementing the management and administration of production and business, applying scientific and technical advances, innovating technology, in order to improve the efficiency of all aspects of operation.

In the period 2015-2019, the value of production and business reached 13,413 billion VND (equal to 91.7% of the plan), profit reached 345 billion VND (equal to 95.3% of the plan), per capita income is 5.6 million / person / month…

In the term 2020-2025, the Party Committee of the Corporation has set out 4 main tasks and 3 breakthrough stages, in which emphasis on technology innovation, selective investment in equipment; comprehensively renovate the management method towards modernization; focus on training and adopt policies to attract high-quality human resources.

On behalf of the Standing Party Committee, Mr. Hoang Trong Quyet highly appreciated the results that the Party Committee of the Corporation has achieved for 5 years.

Mr. Hoang Trong Quyet exchanged and suggested the Party Committee of the Corporation to pay attention to 5 matters. Specifically, based on the direction and objectives, especially the 3 breakthroughs, the Party Committee of the Corporation must drastically implement synchronous solutions, research and development of key production and business plans more, better promote strengths in the field of construction and installation; adjust the scale and structure of production and business to suit market requirements and improve investment efficiency. It is necessary to have strategies and solutions to invest in water supply, wastewater and waste treatment projects to ensure the sustainable development of the Corporation, to promote the Corporation’s strengths and experience and capabilities.

The Party Committee of the Corporation focused on leading and effective implementation of the Viwaseen restructuring plan approved by the Government and the Ministry of Construction.

Besides, it is necessary to regularly identify the key task of Party building; pay attention to improving the leadership capacity and fighting strength of the Party organization and the quality of the contingent of party members.

Finally, continue to innovate the method and style of leadership, direction, building a really strong Party Committee with vision, leadership, business implementation, contributing and bringing benefits to the enterprise, shareholders and employees.

Corporation’s Party Executive Committee term IV launched.

At the congress, delegates elected the 4th Corporation’s Party Executive Committee, term 2020-2025 including 19 members. At the same time, the 4th Corporation’s Party Executive Committee, term 2020-2025, held the first session to elect Mr. Ngo Van Dung as Party Secretary of the Corporation.

The Congress elected the official delegation to attend the 17th Hanoi City Party Committee Congress and passed the congress’s resolution.