With nearly 40 years of developing from a specialized Enterprise under Ministry of Construction, VIWASEEN Corporation has been established and grown up to meet the development demand of water supply and drainage sector in Vietnam 

By the date of October 4th, 2005, the Decision No. 242/2005QD-TTg was signed the Prime Minister approving establishment of Vietnam Water Supply Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Corporation – VIWASEEN 

By the date of November 25th, 2005, the Decision No. 2188/QD-BXD was signed by Minister of Construction to set up Vietnam Water Supply Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Corporation  on the basic of reorganizing independent state-owned companies under Ministry of Construction including Water Supply and Sewerage Construction Company – WASEENCO founded in 1975, Water Supply and Sewerage Construction and Investment Company – WASECO founded in 1975, Water Supply and Sewerage Consultancy Company No.2  – WASE founded in 1997.  

VIWASEEN Corporation operates in a form of Parent company with 23 member subsidiary companies and joint stock companies specialized in investment, construction for water supply, drainage and environment throughout the country.  

At present, VIWASEEN has nearly more than 10,000 employees, including 2,000 graduated and post-graduated engineers and experts equipped with professional and experienced knowledge, nearly 8,000 skilled and experienced worker. 

With a history and experience of more than 40 years working in the field of construction, water supply, drainage and environment, WIWASEEN is proud to be one of the leading Enterprises operating in design, construction, installation, import and export of equipment and materials for water supply and sewerage projects, civil and industrial works at different scales. VIWASEEN has successfully implemented many water treatment works, water supply and drainage systems, waste water and waste treatment works of large-scale in the form of EPC all over the country, contributing active role in ensuring social security, improving the living quality and sustainable development of the Country.